All About Me...

I am a successful professional artist and game-maker. I've worn many hats and served in many roles over the years, including Creative Director, Art Director, Art Lead, Graphic Artist, UX Designer, Futurist, and UI Designer. I am a top-level digital content-creator and an international product manager and producer who has worked within the interactive games industry for over 25 years.

I have helped to build and ship over 30+ titles, on all major systems, from desktop to big-box console, from Facebook to all modern mobile devices. I have helped to build and run entire development teams, large and small companies, and have even been privileged to directly shape and inspire the careers of so many talented individuals who have worked with, and for me, throughout my long and somewhat storied career!

I am deaf, and I am fluent in both American Sign Language and English. I speak audibly, articulately, and clearly. I am a steadfast Christian, a husband, a father, and a faithful son. Making great games, of great quality, and building up professional teams is my passion. I hope to speak with you today!

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